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     The Go Power 3000 watt inverter is one of the 2 inverters I use as a daily driver. The other one (reviewed below) is a Samlex 2000 watt. The Go Power that I have is the 24 volt one, as the higher voltage gives a little bit more efficiency. As I always say, you get what you pay for; The Go Power equipment is, on average, watt for watt more ‘pricey’ than the other equipment. That being said, from what I have read and experienced, the cost is justified.

     Hooking the inverters to the oscilloscope as I do, this one has the best (by far) sine wave output, as well as less voltage drop. Mine is set to 115 volts, and even starting and running a heavy duty air conditioner, there is minimal voltage drop and the inverter does just fine and has no problems running any load I have thrown at it.

     Clocking in at $1000 (a bit less for the 12 volt version), it is not for the hobbiest or someone looking to get into solar on the cheap, but for a setup like I have being ‘off grid’ it is nice to have something that you can trust. I got mine mid 2015 and as of writing it has not given me any issues at all.

     The ‘pure sine wave’ inverters are really the only ones I can use since I have a lot of sensitive electronics, but this is the only one I trust with the most sensitive. There has been issues with other inverters that claim to be pure sine wave that have claimed a few power supplies in some of the vintage computers that I restore. This is the only inverter that I have tested or even researched that comes the closest (and even better in some cases) than the grid power. This inverter tied into my APC power conditioner can run anything I have.

     The quality of customer service is not something I have had to deal with, but from all the research I have done, everyone says that they are top notch, and again, this is why the higher cost equipment is worth it.

Go Power! GP-SW3000-24 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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